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The question that each graduate asks themselves is, what now? Once you’ve traveled the world over, immersed yourself in multiple cultures and connected with other authentic internationals, what actually happens next? We initiated the THINK Beyond Alumni Network in order to reinforce that learning never has to stop. We can continue to learn together and act together as a well-connected international community of powerful thinkers. And we do this by staying connected and building a network of changemakers who share their capacities and understandings with one another. The purpose of our THINK Beyond alumni network is to further support the capacities of our graduates through social and professional engagement as advocates to effect meaningful change. TGS has invested in the potential of our changemakers and encourage our changemakers to invest in the potential of others.

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Our alumni ambassadors are selected to represent the continual voice of each graduating class of THINK Global School. Pauli C. (2018), Natalie C. (2017), Cameron S. (2016), Hannah C. (2015) Charis S. (2014), compose the current Alumni Council and assist in maintaining contact with each respective class while contributing to the development of the alumni network. Contact your class ambassador for current program information.

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From TGS to London, Class of 2017 Alum Samaya Prakke has been keeping busy studying law since her graduation.
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Class of 2014 Graduate Liam Annis shares what he has been up to since his graduation, including attending university at the University of British Columbia.
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After hearing from several alumni that they weren’t clear on how learning at THINK Global School had changed, we thought it might be a good idea to put together an explainer. Hopefully this helps clear things up, but if you have any questions, feel free to send them our way!
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6 Questions with Joseph Hartley

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My life post-THINK Global School

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